At Sea!
The Natures Head composting toilet is the most convenient, Eco-nomical and Eco-Friendly option for all types of boats. This composting toilet is entirely self contained and may be safely used while cruising or anchored in the marina. Since it was built to withstand a turbulent sea environment you will receive years of hassle free service.

The Natures Head is a type III USCG Certified toilet meeting all Coast Guard (No discharge) regulations.

Odors you ask?
Not with the Natures Head! Since our toilet separates liquids from solids, you will never have to deal with the unpleasant smells you get with most other portable toilets. When properly maintained the toilet will have a slight earthly smell, In fact the longer you let compost sit the earthier the smell.
composting waterless toilet for at sea
What about plumbing and water?
The Natures Head is a dry toilet meaning it needs no water for flushing and no plumbing to be attached. There is a small vent line to help the composting.

Why is it so convenient for boaters?
If you are tired of waiting idle for a pump out or have to pay for this service, then this is the toilet for you. No longer will you be inconvenienced by the pump out hassles, leaving you more cruising time and more money to do the things you enjoy with your boat.

What about space?
The Natures Head will actually give you more space for storage by eliminating the need for a holding tank usually found under the berth. Feel free to remove that holding tank and eliminate 15 or more gallons of smelly waste and over 120 lbs. of unwanted fuel wasting weight.

How much can the reactor hold?
The Natures Head has a high capacity reactor. Since it separates the liquids from the solids, you receive an outstanding amount of usage from your toilet before emptying is required. For a couple using their boat on weekends, you may go an entire summer before you need to empty the solids reactor. The liquid holding tank holds 2.2 gallons and may have to be emptied more often.

How easy is it to install?
You’ll be hard-pressed to find an easier installed toilet, The Natures Head design is especially for marine installation. The unit attaches to the floor with two L shaped brackets; there is one ventilation hose to run outside and one 12 volt power hookup for a small computer type fan. We also offer a solar powered vent. Check out our accessories page for pricing and details.

How easy is it to empty?
The Natures Head is incredibly simple to empty. Just flip the two latches on the sides and lift the upper section a few inches. Put the lid on the liquid tank and pull it out of the holder, When emptying the solids reactor simply unhook the 12 volt power source and vent hose, then slide the upper section off the open ended hinge. Undo the two thumb screws on its base and it is ready to be emptied. Since there are no liquids in the reactor tank it won’t be heavy even if it is full. A common kitchen garbage bag is big enough to fit over the main tank. Then flip it over and you’re done, no need to clean the tank after emptying for any leftover matter will help the start the next composting process.

Will my guests know how to use it?
If you’re one of the many boat owners who likes to sail the open sea with your friends you will love our toilet and so will they. No longer will your guests be intimidated or confused with operating a head (turn the valve, pump number of times, no TP down the bowl,close the valve). The Natures Head is so simple to use even the novice boater can figure it out, and most importantly no more clogged toilet as there is no plumbing to clog.

Can I put toilet paper in it?
Absolutely! In fact the paper actually enhances the composting process. One ply is recommended.

Is it economical to operate?
The Natures Head is economical to operate, since two gallon of peat moss is all you need you will save on costly chemicals needed to maintain other heads. A $12 bag of peat moss will give you years of use; other composting enhancers are saw dust and dried leaves.