Waterless Composting Toilet Eco Friendly Seal

If you are already a go green enthusiast then I don’t have to tell you how important Earth Friendly products are to our environment. Because water is not a renewable resource everyone from government agencies to individual ecologists are looking for ways to conserve water and reduce water treatment costs. With Nature’s Head waterless composting toilet, the consumption of water and the cost of treating waste water are non-existent, making it both Eco-friendly and Eco-nomical for everyone. This is only one advantage of a Natures Head composting toilet. Other advantages include low power consumption, elimination of the need to transport waste (which greatly reduces the risk of human infection), a nutrient enriched end product (soil) and the destruction of pathogens which reduce the risk of environmental contamination. Several factors affect the rate of composting and the overall performance of a composting toilet. They include: temperature, moisture, ph, carbon to nitrogen ratio (C/N), aeration, microorganism population, time, and maintenance.

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