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Eco-mmode is a local Texas based company, located in League City, Texas. Although we serve a nationwide customer base, we are near Houston, Austin and San Antonio areas. The Nature's Head® composting toilet is the most innovative, economical and user friendly design, for portable self contained urine separating toilets on the market. On Land, at Sea or on the open road the Nature's Head® toilet can go anywhere that plumbing, or electricity is scarce or non-existent. Although designed to holdup to a rugged marine environment it is also the ideal choice for RV’s, campers, barns, workshops and even long haul trucks. Best of all you no longer have to put up with the disgusting odors carried by all the other holding tank systems.

The unique waterless composting process created by the Nature's Head® makes it a front runner in Environmental Health with Eco Advantages; such as reduced water consumption, low power consumption, and neutralization of environmentally unsafe pathogens associated with human waste. It is easily the obvious choice for any earth minded individual. 

waterless composting toilet front viewcomposting waterless toilet base openwaterless composting toilet side profile

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